BOUCHER, Cassandre

Cassandre Boucher is interested in the evocative power of traces of the past. She accumulates objects and images from everyday archives that she diverts the meaning through digital, printed art, and painting. She seeks to appreciate a more careful and tidy relationship to time with the things that surround us. Through colorful and nostalgic representations, … Read More

ALPHA, Hannah

Over the past twenty years Montreal-based artist Hannah Alpha has been working to refine and simplify her expression movement or of the human body in movement. Her work is abstract and reached an important milestone when she started practicing the centuries-old art of Tai Chi. Because of its repeated movements, Tai Chi develops an intensification … Read More


Josée Charbonneau was born and lives in Montreal. Graduated in Graphic Arts from Cégep du Vieux Montréal in 1976. Since 2007, her prints produced at the Atelier Circulaire have been viewed and acquired by private and public collectors: The National Bank of Canada, Gabrielle Roy Library of Quebec, Library of Archives Nationals of Quebec.

BERTORINI, Alejandra

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she was raised in an environment that placed great value in the humanities and an appreciation for the arts. Coming of age at the end of the sixties, she was actively involved in the vibrant cultural scene of the time in the visual arts, literature and performance. Her practice of the visual arts … Read More


Croisée de chemin $300 Espace courbe no.1 $300 Hélice $300 Invitation au voyage $400 La dernière sortie $250 Ozone $300 Pendule $400 Piliers du temple $300 Sans titre $300 Tombeau $400


Firstly known for her paintings and drawings, Lucie Jolicoeur Côté dedicated her career to engraving in the early nineties.  Attracted by the etching technique, she turned to studies and training at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montreal, her home city, and later took a formation in Urbino, Italy, at the Accademia Raffaello. She is a … Read More


Judith Klugerman is a Canadian artist, born in Hungary, living and working in Montreal. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, a Diploma in Art Education and a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Concordia University, Montreal. She is a printmaker, mixed media artist, painter and art educator. She has organized a number … Read More

MAHEU, Ginette

After studying at college level in applied arts and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in “es arts” from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Ginette Maheu devoted herself to teaching  arts while continuing her work as an artist as a ceramist and then an engraver. Member of the Atelier Circulaire since 1996, she favors the techniques … Read More