Susie Veroff is a multidisciplinary artist who explores diverse themes of universal human experience. Catalyzing emotions, impulses, instinct and sensorial language into an imaginary organic naturalism she invites us to engage in our own storytelling natures. Though comfortable in many mediums, she has always been passionate about printmaking techniques, photography and painting. The themes she … Read More

BUALI, Zahra

Zahra BuAli is a painter, printmaker, sculptor and ceramist. From the figurative to the abstract, to the mixed media, she works with a multi-layered approach. Combines mediums and techniques, challenges boundaries, superimposes layers of form, color, and space. Her work is strongly linked to her constant search into identity, cultural history, and influences. A professional … Read More

FORTIN, Alexandre

Professional procrastinator, printmaker, cook of many things, carver of wood, part-time Japanese enthusiast, plaster tamer, cinema snob, distracted by shiny things, scribbler, unrepenting comic book and manga glutton, amateur fiberglass victim, accumulator of useless encyclopedic knowledge, sorry excuse for an artist and generally speaking swell guy are all moderately accurate describers of Alexandre Fortin. Involved … Read More


Hélène Routhier is from Saguenay and Montreal. Her first contacts with the visual arts took place in 1997 in the workshop-school of Pierre Laplante, watercolorist, in Blainville. She learns the rules of the art in watercolour and studies pigments; they will be sustainable learning, integrated as essential. She also made her first experiments there, the … Read More

LEGRIS, Françoise

Born in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton in Mauricie, Francoise Legris graduated in fine arts from Collège de Trois-Rivières and holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Université Laval in Quebec City. She has been a member of the Atelier circulaire since 2014. Monotype on copper or lithography, each of the techniques used allows to witness the birth … Read More

LEBEL, Andrée

After painting with acrylics for many years, Andrée LeBel now devotes a large part of her artistic practice to printed arts. Her artistic approach revolves around the pleasure of creating. A gestural approach allows her to draw freely and intuitively. Spontaneity and freshness, purity of lines and movement characterize her works, many of which are … Read More


Born in 1958, René Donais is a Montreal artist printmaker fascinated with human and animal anatomy, enthralled with the bizarre. He studied art history and his first investigations in printmaking are on occidental paintings inspired by Japanese prints. After a two-year stay in China (1988-90), his creativity took the form of representations of flayed anatomy. … Read More

MURPHY, Maurice

Maurice Murphy was born in Saint-Joseph de Sorel, near Montreal. After high school, he chose to continue his college studies in visual arts at Jean-de-Brébeuf College in Montreal, where art offered accessible windows to the enthusiastic spectator he was. He then obtained a bachelor’s degree in visual arts with a minor in visual arts education … Read More


A native of France, fostered by Quebec, Noémie Lesquins is a Franco-Canadian artist whose heart is inbetween 2 continents. Noémie’s education and professional practice in various domains (librarianship, communication, graphic design, visual and print arts) are reflected in her interest in words, images and stories. From calligraphy to graphic novels, she uses various cultural references … Read More


Annette Wolfstein-Joseph finds herself in awe of the cycle of growth, blossoming, death and regeneration that happens daily in the garden, providing her with a connection to Creativity on a grand scale. Her prints are her own attempt at creativity on a far more humble scale. She ventures to recreate the marvellous colours and textures, lights & shadows as … Read More