After completing her training at the Beaux-Arts in France, Fayza Mazouz moved to Montreal to train in environmental design at UQAM. A researcher and designer, she is particularly interested in architecture and its representations in contexts such as the Canadian Far North. Her artistic practice is inspired by the drawing codes used to represent the … Read More

BOUGIE, Louis-Pierre

Louis-Pierre Bougie was born in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, in 1946. His experience in printmaking is extensive. He specialized in intaglio and etching in Paris, at Lacourière et Frélaut, where he worked for over fifteen years. He has frequently resided abroad to work and study, namely in France, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Finland and in New York. His … Read More


Lucie Palombi is an artist and architect. At Atelier Circulaire, she explores the horizon of possibilities offered by lithography and intaglio. Inspired by architectural elements and other “objects with a poetic reaction”, several of her prints have been acquired by the collections of the Bibliothèque et des Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). Instragram: @luciepalombi  

PRÉVOST, Laurence

Laurence Prévost’s work goes beyond the boundaries usually reserved for a single field of activity. It must be said from the start that her initial training was as a musician – cello. She has been teaching and playing this instrument for over thirty years. Throughout her print work, there is a reduction of fields of … Read More


Using abstract art forms such as non-figurative visual art and, previously, dance, Naomi Bellos tells a story on many levels. A lifelong story that represents an endless quest to express the relationships between the human body, the natural world and the landscapes we inhabit. For fifteen years, she has used printmaking (etching, collagraphy, lithography) as … Read More


Paule Lamarche is a Montreal-based artist whose approach relates to the landscape genre. Her immersions in rural areas of Quebec, particularly Kuujjuaq in Northern Quebec, have influenced her artistic practice. It is in those landscapes as far as the eye can see that she draws her inspiration, deconstructing and recreating the landscape through lithography and … Read More


Zdravka holds degrees in visual arts and fashion design. Her early work experience was in Paris,  alongside renowned artists and singers, and cinema wardrobe. She continues her art education as a pupil of famed painter Daniel Sciora, studying techniques of Renaissance masters. Fusing passion with experience, Zdravka registers a patent for a shoe manufacturing process, … Read More

PACE, Stella

Stella Pace is an artist that lives and works in Montreal. She holds a bachelor in visual arts from Concordia University (1997). Her works have been presented in Canada and in foreign countries in artist centers, public and private galleries, museums and also within the context of international art fairs. Pace has to her name … Read More

VALADE, Ariane

Born and based in Montreal, Ariane is a visual artist. She holds a bachelor in Fashion Design from UQAM (2011). In 2010, she completed an internship at the Opéra National de Paris, Palais Garnier, where she acquired the techniques of classical and contemporary dance garments. There she learned, among other things, the dyeing process, patina … Read More

GODOY, Roberto

Roberto Godoy is an artist from Guatemala. Graduated in architecture, urban development and anthropology, he trained himself as a painter and printmaker. A member of Atelier Circulaire since 2003, Roberto Godoy has presented his work in numerous exhibitions in Quebec, the United Kingdom and Latin America. His works are present in the collections of Loto … Read More