Special members' project for the 40th anniversary of Atelier Circulaire, presented at the gallery from December 19 to 21, 2024, and in the public space of the Mile-end district.

Coordination: René Donais

Screen printing team: Stéphane Olivier, Marie-France Bertrand, Paule Lamarche and René Donais

Billboard team: René Donais and Lucie Mercier

Support team: Célia Destemberg, Sylvestre Lefrançois-Sabourin and Julie Bruneau

Materials supplied by Atelier Circulaire


FRESCO is an off-site project celebrating Atelier Circulaire's 40th anniversary.

In winter 2023, Atelier members are invited to create an edition of original works in a maximum of two colors (black and red), to be silkscreen printed on phosphorescent self-adhesive paper. The aim is for the posters to be visible in the dark when stuck up in public spaces.

40 member artists accepted Atelier Circulaire's invitation, and a total of 42 works will be presented in autumn 2023.

An edition of seven copies has been printed for each of the proposed works.

A first poster is pasted in the public space in November on different surfaces in the Atelier Circulaire area. A second was chosen for the exhibition at the gallery in December. The other five copies of the edition are reserved for the artist (2), for legal deposit (2) and for the Atelier's archives (1).

As the unauthorized display of works in the vicinity of Atelier Circulaire did not allow for an overview of the proposals made by member artists, the team decided to present the FRESCO project at the gallery for three days.

From the public space to the gallery, the visitor experience is to be preserved! The exhibition's scenography represents the idea of "affichage sauvage": works are randomly displayed on one of the gallery's walls.




Marie-France Bertrand

Louis-Pierre Bougie

Josée Charbonneau

Xavier Charbonneau Gravel

Fanny Denault

René Donais

Élisabeth Eudes-Pascal

Marc Gustavino

Marcel Huguet

Yong Sook Kim-Lambert

Judith Klugerman

David Lafrance

Paule Lamarche

Nancy Lambert

Michel Lancelot

Andrée Lebel

Madeleine Leduc

Sylvestre Lefrançois-Sabourin

Noémie Lesquins

Chloé Leys

Ann McCall

Johanne McDonald

Ginette Maheu

Paule Mainguy

Alessandra Mancini

Lucie Mercier

Francine Metthé

Mary Milne

Stéphan Morin

Petra Mueller

Stéphane Olivier

Stella Pace

Emma Paley

Lucie Palombi

Maria Pia Paolitto

Rolande Pelletier

Jean-François Pinsonneault

Alex Pouliot

Laurence Prévost

Hélène Routhier

Marc Séguin

Jacinthe Tétrault

Ariane Valade

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