Atelier Circulaire is an artist-run center dedicated to creation, research, dissemination and training in the printed arts. Its aim is to preserve and teach traditional printmaking techniques while integrating new technologies and contemporary practices related to the printing arts.

The CA has the following mandate:

- Provide artists with specialized, state-of-the-art facilities and tools to produce their work.

- Promote excellence in both the preservation and transmission of printmaking know-how in Québec, the rest of Canada and internationally, by encouraging innovation, offering artist residencies, researching current practices and disseminating research results to the public.

- To foster theoretical and practical exchanges between specialists in the printed arts, with the aim of maintaining excellence and high standards in this field.

- To contribute to the development of the public's aesthetic sensibility and to the popularity of the printed arts by disseminating the work of selected artists in a forum enabling them to exhibit, present and produce their artistic works by means of art exhibitions, lectures, performances and other public events.

- To educate the public and help them better appreciate and love the arts by offering classes, demonstrations, tours and other training in printmaking.

- To advance education in the printed arts by fostering exchanges with the student, cultural and other communities.