How to become a member

Send your CV, portfolio and a short text describing your artistic practice and your motivation to become a member at Atelier Circulaire to [email protected]

Please include “Become a member” in your email as a title and specify the printing technique that you are more autonomous in.

Please review our studio usage policy before applying for membership.

For further information, call us to 514 272-8874


Atelier Circulaire offers 2 types of membership: MEMBER and emerging artist MEMBER (35 years and under).
The annual membership fee is 50 $ for all members. It gives you access to many benefits as well as discount on package deals.

Choose your pass according to your needs: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Without becoming a member, you can also have an access to our service with limited time periods as an occasional USER.

Price List

package deals occasional
MEMBER emerging artist
Half-day pass
3 hours a day
$ 35 $ 25 $ 20
Friday Studio
non autonomous artists
$ 45
One-day pass
autonomous artists, from Monday to Friday
$ 45 $ 35 $ 28
One-week pass $ 120 $ 85 $ 68
One-month – student special
from May to August
$ 100
One-month pass $ 220 $ 135 $ 108
Three-months pass $ 385 $ 308
Yearly pass* $ 1320 $ 1056

*$110 per month for members / $88 per month for emerging artist members


Members of Atelier Circulaire benefit from an exceptional workplace in the heart of vibrant Mile-End. They are part of an inspiring professional artists’ community. We also provide various opportunities to present their work to the general public.

occasional USER MEMBER
BENEFITS all package deals yearly pass other pass
Access to the production studios
Personal drawer and storage box ¹
Screen printing frame rental
Voting right for annual general assembly
Candidacy for the board of directors (after being
member for one year)
Participation in committee meetings
Drawer rental between 2 package deals
Exhibition in space 517
Participation in the annual Expo-sale (space 105)
Reduced price for services with master printers
Portfolio online and at the gallery ²
Optional second drawer ³
Participation in residency-exchange program ³
Participation as member in the Exhibition Project
Calls for the Atelier Circulaire’s gallery (space105)
Member price for the store and the digital lab
Private studio rental ⁴

¹ $30 deposit required for box, drawer and an electronic key | ² no deposit required for the portfolio | ³  only during your package deal period | ⁴ if available | ○ Circle Plus Option


Circle Plus Option
$110 / year for members | $100/ year for emerging artists members
This exclusive option includes : access to create your portfolio at the gallery and its online presentation on our web site, a rental possibility for a second drawer in the flat file cabinet during the period of a package deal, a participation in residency-exchange program, a participation as a member in open calls for exhibitions in the gallery space. Included in the yearly pass.

Second drawer: $80 (+tx)/ year | $10 (+tx) / month
Drawer + storage box rental during the interval between 2 different packages: $25 (+tx)/ month

50$ per hour + studio fees + materials