Atelier Circulaire provides introductory and advanced training courses in various printed arts techniques.

The courses are given by specialists, our workshop coordinators and external instructors. They are designed for those who are interested in practicing printmaking or in improving their technical skills. The classes are composed of small groups allowing for a personalized approach by the teacher and facilitated access to the equipments. Some of these courses require prerequisites (see individual course descriptions). 

You are an artist, a creative or cultural worker?
Thanks to the financial support of Emploi Québec, Atelier Circulaire offers courses at a preferential rate for artists, creators and cultural workers (professionals and non-professionals). Following your course registration online, you will receive an email inviting you to fill out a form. Your registration will be confirmed only when the form is filled out and sent.

You are not in one of these categories?
It is possible to follow the courses under certain conditions. Before registering, please contact us by email at [email protected]


FALL 2019

  • Affiches en risographie / Risograph Posters | A19 $93.5
  • Collagraphie sur plastique / Collagraphy on plastic | A19 $250
  • Gravure à la manière de crayon / Engraving as drawing | A19 $250
  • Gravure au laser / Laser Engraving | A19 $125
  • Groupe de réflexion autour du carnet d’artiste / Reflection group around the artist’s notebook | A19 $125
  • Linogravure / Linocut | A19 $250
  • Lithographie 1 / Lithography 1 | A19 $250
  • Marouflage | A19 $104
  • Mokuhanga, gravure sur bois japonaise / japanese wood block printmaking | A19 $250
  • Reprographie et documentation d’œuvres / Reprography and artwork documentation | A19 $93.5
  • Retouche photo et traitement d’image numérique (Photoshop, Affinity) / Photo editing and digital image processing (Photoshop, Affinity) | A19 $250
  • Sérigraphie 1 / Screen Printing 1 | A19 $250
  • Sérigraphie impression textile / Textile Screenprinting | A19 $250
  • Taille douce 1 / Intaglio 1 | A19 $250
  • Payment
    Class must be paid in full upon registration on our website.

    Cancelling a class prior to the starting date
    No fees will be charged for cancelling a class on the day before the class is scheduled. Only cancellations via email will be accepted.

    Cancelling a class on the scheduled starting date, or later
    On the scheduled starting date of the class, Atelier Circulaire will debit these two amounts:

    - the cost of all completed sessions, plus all sessions scheduled on that date
    - a penalty equivalent to 10% of the cost of all the remaining uncompleted sessions for that class

    Atelier Circulaire reserves the right to cancel a class in the case of force majeure, or due to insufficient registration.

    For all request, please send an email to [email protected], or call us 514 272-8874

    WINTER 2020

    Registration period starts on November 1, 2019

  • Gestion de photos avec Lightroom / Photo Management with Lightroom | H20 $93.5
  • Gravure au burin / Burin engraving | H20 $250
  • Gravure au pinceau / Engraving as painting | H20 $250
  • Gravure et mezzotype au gel carborundum / Carborundum gel printing and mezzotype | H20 $250
  • Lithographie sans eau / Waterless Lithography | H20 $250
  • Maîtrise de l’image vectorielle (Illustrator, Affinity) / Mastering the vector image (Illustrator, Affinity) | H20 $250
  • Photogravure / Photoengraving | H20 $250
  • Procédés alternatifs en photographie / Alternative Processes in Photography | H20 $187
  • Quadrichromie en sérigraphie / Four-color process in screen printing | H20 $125
  • Sérigraphie grand format / Large-Format Screen Printing | H20 $250
  • Taille douce 1 / Intaglio 1 | H20 $250