Atelier Circulaire offers services tailored to everyone. Whatever your level, we offer technical support adapted to beginners as well as to self-reliant artists in their chosen discipline.

On your first visit to Atelier Circulaire, you will be accompanied by a coordinator specialized in the technique you wish to pursue. This introduction will take place during Fridays at the Studio (see below).

Please book your first appointment by email, specifying the technique you wish to work with, at the following address : [email protected]

The appropriate manager will answer you promptly. Those interested must contact us at least 2 days in advance.

Fridays at the Studio

Fridays at the Studio is a weekly activity intended for artists with basic knowledge of printmaking wishing to familiarize themselves with Atelier Circulaire’s equipment. Each week, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., you can try out the technique you have chosen with the benefit of customized technical support.

Please note that Fridays at the Studio take place by appointment only. Please contact the appropriate coordinator. You will find the team’s email addresses by clicking here.

Following, you may consult the schedule of the upcoming Fridays at the Studio.


Becoming an occasional user

Artists who are knowledgeable of the equipment may work at Atelier Circulaire without commitment for a limited time. To do so, the user chooses among the various Plans offered.


package deal price
Half-Day Pass
( 3 hours daily)
$ 35
Friday at the Studio
(non-autonomous artists)
$ 45
One-day pass
(autonomous artist - from Monday to Friday)
$ 45
One-week pass $ 120
One-month pass - student rate
(from May to August)
$ 100
One-month pass $ 220

Artists wishing to work at Atelier Circulaire on a regular basis may benefit from preferential rates by becoming a member.

For more information, please call us at 514 272-8874 or write to us at  [email protected]