To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Atelier Circulaire, we invite you to purchase our 2023 calendar with its unique design and special edition.

The calendar begins with a work by the artist Albert Dumouchel (1916-1971), a versatile artist who, through his teaching at the École des Beaux-Arts, introduced and inspired a large number of Quebec artists to printmaking. Thereafter, month after month, you will have the opportunity to discover the creation of an artist carefully selected from the archives of printed works of the Atelier Circulaire.

You will have a little piece of us, at home, every day.

You will find the contributions of: Louis-Pierre Bougie, Paule Mainguy, Stéphanie De Couto Costa, Manuel Lau, Michel Lancelot, Alice Zwarts, Renée Gélinas, François-Xavier Marange, René Donais, Marc Séguin and Andrée Lebel.

The calendar was produced at Atelier Circulaire, with affection, attention to detail and deep enthusiasm: its supports were cut in laser engraving and its pages were printed in risography. Each work was chosen both for its aesthetic and poetic qualities, as well as for its ability to be easily transposed into a printing technique.

Through your generous support, you will contribute to financing the activities of the special programming for the 40th anniversary of Atelier Circulaire. Thank you for participating in highlighting the history of our organization, a well-known place for printmaking!

How to set up your calendar

*The laser cutting machine leaves a fine black dust on the inner contour of the support. Take a tissue or a dry cloth to remove it.

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