By offering specialized equipment*, including workshops for intaglio, relief, lithography, letterpress, screen printing, digital printing and laser engraving, the Center supports the work of contemporary printmaking artists by encouraging innovative use of new technologies and traditional techniques.

Through its production residency program, Atelier Circulaire hosts artists from all around the world in its studios. These residencies are an opportunity for exchange and knowledge sharing between guest artists and our members. At the end of their stay, residents offer a public presentation of their on-going work.

Applications evaluation is based on : 

  • Mastery of at least one printmaking technique.
  • Affirmation of printmaking in the field of contemporary art.
  • Exploration of new technologies or contemporary practices related to the print-based arts. 
  • Feasibility of the project in terms of the available equipment and schedule.

Deadline: December 3, 2023


*Specialized equipement list