Through its residency program, Atelier Circulaire hosts artists from around the world in its production workshops. AC provides residents with an unlimited access to the studio for one month, an artist fee, a stipend to our store and technical support from our coordinators.

In the end of their residency, artists are invited to present their work to the public.


Country: USA
Residency period: August 5 - September 5, 2019

"I am a nonbinary artist and collaborative printer, whose work depicts the intimacy of queer relationships. During my residency I will create a series of large-scale figurative silk aquatints. While at AC I will share my ongoing research into this non-toxic collagraph process that produces fully tonal, painterly prints."

Demonstration: Friday, September 13, 2pm
Presentation: Friday, September 13, 5:30pm

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Country: Australia
Residency period: August 25 - September 25, 2019

"My residency project deals with the nature/architecture relationship. Taking the traditional Japanese habitat as a starting point, lines, grids and geometric shapes will be declined to create minimalist and poetic compositions. This research will lead to the creation of screen-printed 2D or 3D paper works."

Presentation : Friday, September 20, 5:30pm


Country: South Africa
Residency period: September 1- 30, 2019

"At Atelier Circulaire, I plan to develop a series of prints that appropriates and unravels architectural language. In mimicking the precision and certainty of languages of planning, and borrowing from imagery used to communicate intent, I would use printmaking as a playful, anachronistic approach to think around creating and altering space."

Presentation: Friday, September 27, 5:30pm