Jean Mailloux holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University. After participating in solo and group exhibitions and obtaining a few awards, he devoted himself to the dissemination of other artists’ practices by working in artist-run centres in Montreal and Quebec City. He accepted the position of co-chair of the RCAAQ board of … Read More


Renée Gélinas is a Montréal artist. A painter for thirty years, she discovered a passion for print media in 2011. Using lithography on stone, linocut and engraved wood, she creates abstract images in which shapes and colors emerge as the printing stages progress, and in which her environmental concerns transpire. She often titles her prints … Read More


…Que des sabliers… $375 Amaryllis $250 Amaryllis et Alteo $75 Automne $100 Contre vents et marées $150 Jour $100 Lovebird $100 Nuit $100 Saltimbanques $250 Tryptique 1ere partie : Incanto (Enchantement) $250 Tryptique 2e partie : Gioia (Joie) $250 Tryptique 3e partie : Rinascimento (Renaissance) $250 Vent $240 Vienne la nuit Sonne l’heure (…) Je … Read More

HUGUET, Marcel

Mouvance III $150 Les Proies $200 Le Temps figuré $50 L’urbanité revisitée #35 $300 L’urbanité revisitée #30 $300 Jeux de textures, jeux de lumières $300 Étude no 11 $100 Étude litho no 9 $100 Étude litho no 8 $100 Étude litho no 6 $100 Étude litho no 32 $300 Étude litho no 31 $150 Étude … Read More


Ann McCall demonstrates by her mixed techniques on paper and her collagraphs, that she is especially concerned about landscape and natural phenomena. She finds her inspiration in nature; the images she perceives and her artistic conception combine from her environmental observations: threatening sky, haunting light, etc. She uses atmospheric conditions to visually express different conflicting … Read More


Born in Colombia, Gloria Palacio is a Montréal-based artist who has been living and working in Canada since 2002. She is a printmaker and engraver with many years of professional activity and holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Panthéon-Sorbonne University I in Paris. She also attended painting workshops at the Ecole Supérieure des … Read More


Graduate of the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, France in 1972 and the Institute of Applied Arts in Montreal, in 1967, Rolande Pelletier has taught visual arts for more than 30 years in Cegeps while continuing to paint , draw, engrave and exhibit whenever possible. She left teaching in 2005. Since then she … Read More

TÉTRAULT, Jacinthe

Originally from St-Hyacinthe, Jacinthe Tétrault has lived and worked in Montreal since 1985. Born in an agricultural setting, nature has strongly shaped her sensory memory and, for more than 20 years, has influenced the choice of subjects in her practice. Printed art: collagraph, monotype, digital as well as photography and mixed media, are the processes … Read More