Professional procrastinator, printmaker, cook of many things, carver of wood, part-time Japanese enthusiast, plaster tamer, cinema snob, distracted by shiny things, scribbler, unrepenting comic book and manga glutton, amateur fiberglass victim, accumulator of useless encyclopedic knowledge, sorry excuse for an artist and generally speaking swell guy are all moderately accurate describers of Alexandre Fortin.

Involved in printmaking since 2002, against his better judgement of course, he has developped an expertise and love of printmaking. From a young age (3 to be exact), his undying love for movies, comic books and video games has been leaking from his pores, obviously poisoning any chance for a reasonable social life, but giving him ample inspiration for art.

He has accomplished two art residencies in Japan to learn woodblock printmaking and his work is part of the Banque Nationale collection. Alexandre currently lives and works in Montreal. He is an active member of the printed arts center, Atelier Circulaire, and the former ruthless vice-president of its board of directors.

  • Bonne retraite $325
  • Hgms musca $325
  • Hokage Matsuri $800
  • Kurai sora $700
  • L’ascension de Yogg-Sothot $800
  • L’escale $900
  • L’escalier $800
  • La graveuse $125
  • Le moine $125
  • Odin $700
  • Pleine lune $60
  • Ryuujin $325
  • Western Spaghetti $600
  • Yuurei $600