Hélène Routhier is from Saguenay and Montreal. Her first contacts with the visual arts took place in 1997 in the workshop-school of Pierre Laplante, watercolorist, in Blainville. She learns the rules of the art in watercolour and studies pigments; they will be sustainable learning, integrated as essential.

She also made her first experiments there, the abstraction, the chance of departure, the becoming fascinate her. Very early in her painting practice she approaches the support and the material in a dialogue with the random, she loves accidents, provokes them and makes emerge a unique painting.

She evolves as a self-taught artist, paints, reads specialized works, she is interested in the work of artists of all stripes, and studies with professional artists: Dominique Sarrazin, Svelta Velikuva, Hélène Goulet, and Seymour Segal, Marie-Ange Brassard, and Paul Cloutier have a major influence on her work. In contact with them, the artist affirms her pictorial language, pushes the expression of her sources of inspiration and improves her understanding of composition. She has several solo and group exhibitions to her credit. Over time, her practice became more and more versatile: acrylic and textures on canvas, acrylic ink or watercolour on paper, most recently printmaking and, occupying an important place in her creation, painting in sub-zero temperatures, having winter as a workshop assistant.

  • Après l’été – 1 $375
  • Après l’été – 2 $375
  • Empreinte d’écorce $75
  • Éparpillées $375
  • Éphémère V III/IV $375
  • Éphémère V IV/IV $375
  • Ma belle $150
  • Ma pierre $150
  • Récit d’écorce – 10 $60
  • Récit d’écorce – 4 $60
  • Récit d’écorce – 9 $60
  • Récit d’écorce -8 $60
  • Tombée V I/II $375