Susie Veroff is a multidisciplinary artist who explores diverse themes of universal human experience. Catalyzing emotions, impulses, instinct and sensorial language into an imaginary organic naturalism she invites us to engage in our own storytelling natures. Though comfortable in many mediums, she has always been passionate about printmaking techniques, photography and painting. The themes she explores question and celebrate our kinship to nature, the process of death and its biological-spiritual representation and the idea of magic and healing through reconnection with such elements.

Although born in the USA (Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1955), she has devoted her entire adult life to living, working and creating art in Canada whose environment has been a potent source of inspiration. She obtained a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (1977) and a Ph.D. in Human Development (Social change through art) Fielding Graduate Institute, 1996). She has participated in many group shows all around the world and at home and has produced 12 solo shows, the last of which was in Aiud, Rumania (2017).

  • Sun for sky $275
  • La pression du chant $300
  • Unravelling $350
  • Into the forest through the bark $350
  • Pretending to work $500
  • Célébration $500
  • Photosynthèse du désir $600
  • Le soir $300
  • Joy of the Obscure $250
  • Joy of Spring $250
  • Conversation $280
  • Caja Thoracia $250
  • Le fleuve de la vie $500
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