Maurice Murphy was born in Saint-Joseph de Sorel, near Montreal. After high school, he chose to continue his college studies in visual arts at Jean-de-Brébeuf College in Montreal, where art offered accessible windows to the enthusiastic spectator he was. He then obtained a bachelor's degree in visual arts with a minor in visual arts education at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). He had the chance to study with Marcel Lapointe, Guy Montpetit, Bruno Joyal ... etc. and to bathe in a world of prolific creators. "To have so many people invested in their artistic production really sealed the direction I was heading."

Mastering both devices and technology, Maurice Murphy explores the artistic possibilities offered by these new media. However, trained in the traditional processes of printmaking, he can not bring himself to completely abandon a form to which he remains attached. It therefore takes up to the realization of infographic works, inspired and supplemented by various techniques of traditional printmaking.

He favors Moab paper, Sommerset paper or Intellicoat plastics, generally less than one and a half meters in size.

See more of his work on his account Pinterest or Flickr.

  • Après P $200
  • Étude NB $175
  • Facettes $150
  • Hommage à Micromine $225
  • La machine va bien $150
  • La TV est allumée $150
  • Le poisson $150
  • Le prince $225
  • Le survol de la Baronnie $200
  • Noi_2 $150
  • On s’amuse fort $150
  • Parti-pris $150
  • Rencontre $250
  • Suite Montréalaise $200
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