Using aquatint, a copper engraving technique that creates powerful blacks and subtle gray tones, Sylvestre's work is an exploration of their identity through stories and memories lost in the woods. In a world that is often black or white, Sylvestre seeks the in-between, the softness and beauty in simple things: flowers, landscapes, creatures. These qualities are seen not as a weakness but as a creative force, a sensitivity to thumb its nose at the harshness of masculinity.

Graduated in visual arts at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal and with a bachelor's degree in art history and museology at UQAM, they have been exploring the possibilities of printmaking  in the Circulaire workshops since 2022. Their works can be found in the collection of the National Library and Archives of Quebec and private collections.

  • Crépuscule de camping $100
  • Die Schwarze Stunde $50
  • L’or de mon jardin $50
  • L’or de mon jardin var. IV $50
  • Lapin blanc, lapin blanc, lapin blanc… $70
  • Les parques $150
  • Les trois ombres $50
  • Mémoire des mers $75
  • Narcisse $85
  • Nymphe de la nuit $50
  • Poisson-terreur $70
  • Quelle est la différence entre un hibou et une chouette ? $60