My whole youth is steeped in culture. Music, theatre, writing, reading and cinema are passions that have always nourished me. I invest myself fully in everything I do. A stay of 5 years in France allowed me to open up to new cultural universes. I stood out as a member of a very innovative theater company in Laval, for eight years, I walked the boards of the Maison des Arts de Laval many times and participated in the opening of a new summer theater in Laval.

In 1992, a latent passion took over: painting. I paint, alone, during the first two years. In 1994 I discovered an exceptional woman, an accomplished artist, member of the Conseil de la culture at the time, Ms. Monic Thouin-Perrault. This woman strongly encourages me to pursue my artistic approach and inspires me with the imperative of creation.

My love of the past drives me to acquire an ancestral home in Ste. Rose and it is in this privileged environment that I create, exploring new mediums, new textures, such as engraving, printmaking, screen printing, encaustic, asserting myself vis-à-vis my peers through a recognizable style. My approach is imbued with depth, both in the treatment and in the subjects that interest me. I am a professional member of the RAAV and we find, among others, my works in the Public Collection of Ville de Laval.

In 2007, a five-month artist residency in Barcelona allowed me to carve out a place for myself in Conceptual Art, with a project on Global Identity, which was very well received by the jury and exhibited with eleven others. Catalan artists, at the Can Sisteré Contemporary Art Center in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona. Since 2006, installation has taken an important place in my approach, allowing me to express myself more acutely on my favorite themes, such as identity, memory and communication.

  • Romantique $150
  • Pourquoi $150
  • Cache-cache $150
  • Toute emmêlée $150
  • La vie en rose $145
  • Un gars de mon village $150
  • Reine de la rue IV $150
  • Jeune fille IV $150
  • Le silence $150
  • Avec ou sans mantilles $250
  • Poétesse de ruelle $250
  • Visage secret $150
  • Encore des mots, toujours des mots $150
  • Visage visage II $150
  • Bouquet de dentelles $100