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Atelier Circulaire
June 15 - July 22 2023


June 15 from 5pm to 9 pm

Public Discussion

July 6 at 5:30

The FO REVER exhibition showcases Alex Pouliot's dreams, a body of work that continues a long-term project of archiving the sensitive. Dreams are archived, the unconscious is materialized, and the impalpable is concretized. The immersive installation gives way to a dreamlike atmosphere that plunges textually and (texture)ally into the heart of the artist's imaginary. The visual, audio and written variations of the dream reflect an exploration of matter to render the dream tangible. Through engraving, reliefs, textiles and textures, an audiovisual installation has been designed in collaboration with the artists Charline Dally and Jules Leloup Mayrand. This opens up the field of possibilities for digging into the material and infinite ways of dream archiving. The fruit of this three-way dialogue is a video work, the centrepiece, which appears like a vortex towards the intimacy and vulnerability of dreams. A portal is open to intoxicating and bewitching dreams.
- Text by Magot Chambon
Artist Statement
Alex Pouliot (N. 1992, Quebec) is an interdisciplinary artist living in Tio'tia:ke/Mooniyang (Montreal), whose practice explores the processes of representation and archiving of the sensible through the narrative of the self. Their work, driven by the tensions of conflicting desires, is based on their experience of the world, to which they testify through fragments from their personal archives, memories and dreams. In a process of self-healing, they alter these "raw materials" (images, recordings, found objects, texts, feelings, etc.) and (re)materialize them through various in situ, printed, sculptural, installation and performative strategies. Through the intimate nature of these works, they aim to offer reflective spaces of vulnerability and exchange for/with the public.
Alex Pouliot's work has been shown in several exhibitions and festivals, including Écart, Fonderie Darling, la Place des Arts, la Galerie de l'UQAM and la Maison des étudiants canadiens (Paris). They are the author of the poetry collection "Doucement les corps" (2019, Éditions du Mur). With Andy Maple, they co-founded the publishing house Pièce jointe (2020), dedicated to the dissemination of artists' research in contemporary art. They graduated from UQAM with a BFA in Visual and Media Arts (2020) and are currently pursuing a Master's degree in Studio Arts (Sculpture) at Concordia University.
Artist's website : https://alexpouliot.net/

Anatole Michaud
Andy Maple
Carlos Calado
Celia Destemberg
Gauthier Melin
Hélène Forest
Jonny Rueda
Julie Bruneau
Morgan Légaré
Paule Mainguy
Pénélope Desjardins
Samuel Graveline
Suzy Pouliot

Text : Margot Chambon
Video : Jules Leloup Mayrand
Sound system : Charline Dally
Promo image : Alex Pouliot