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Champ libre

Members' exhibition

September 8 - September 30

Opening for la Rentrée de Gaspé

September 8, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Closing for les Journées de la Culture

September 30, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Exhibition catalog

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Atelier Circulaire presents Champ libre: a printmaking exhibition showcasing recent work produced in studio by over fifty of our artist-members.

For this edition of Salon des membres, Atelier Circulaire has provided artists the opportunity to express themselves without constraints. Champ libre reflects the cultural, social, and political context within which the artists live and work. This collective exhibition mirrors the diversity of current artistic trends while maintaining the expertise that Atelier Circulaire and its members bring to the realm of printmaking.

Join us on Friday, September 8th at the Atelier Circulaire Gallery starting from 5:00pm for the opening reception. The exhibition will continue until September 30th, 2023, as part of Journées de la culture.


Chloé Leÿs ◉ Alessandra Mancini ◉ Ann McCall ◉ Ariane Valade ◉ Bernice Sorge ◉ Denis Malo ◉ Diane Jutras ◉ Dominique Desbiens ◉ Elisabeth Eudes-Pascal ◉ Francine Metthé ◉ Françoise Legris ◉ Ginette Maheu  ◉ Hannah Alpha ◉ Hélène Routhier ◉ Ilinca Ghibu ◉ Jacinthe Tétrault ◉ Jean Mailloux ◉ Johanne McDonald ◉ Jonny Rueda ◉ Josée Charbonneau ◉ Judith Klugerman ◉ Kathryn Delaney ◉ Laurence Prévost ◉ Lise Carrière ◉ Lucie Mercier ◉ Lucie Palombi ◉ Madeleine Leduc ◉ Manon Pelletier ◉ Maria Pia Paolitto ◉ Marie-France Bertrand ◉ Marye Claude ◉ Maurice Murphy ◉ Mike Pelland ◉  Mireille Levert ◉ Nicole Milette ◉ Paule Lamarche ◉  Paule Mainguy ◉ Petra Mueller ◉ René Donais Renée Gélinas ◉ Roberto Godoy ◉ Rolande Pelletier  ◉ Sarah Galarneau ◉  Shabnam Zeraati ◉ Sophie Maheu ◉ Stéphane Olivier ◉ Suzanne Dubuc ◉ Sylvestre Lefrançois-Sabourin ◉ Talleen Hacikyan ◉  Thomas Gibault ◉ Valérie Labelle-Desmarais ◉ Yong Sook Kim-Lambert ◉ Yvon Bouchard ◉ Zahra BuAli