Laurence Prévost’s work goes beyond the boundaries usually reserved for a single field of activity. It must be said from the start that her initial training was as a musician - cello. She has been teaching and playing this instrument for over thirty years. Throughout her print work, there is a reduction of fields of expression. Such fields of expression exceed the simple translation from one language to another in order to emigrate towards an incessant renewal which constitutes its own artistic individuality. Her approach is not a straight path: it is a crossroad, a hub. Her approach consists of bifurcations, junctions, intersections, roundabouts, and connecting roads. Yet, her approach is supported by an appetite for invention by means of a medium, which is itself synonymous with research, exploration and discovery, known as etching.

Her work is present in the Loto-Québec collection of the Bibliothèque nationale du Québec, as well as in private collections in Canada, the United States and Japan.


  • Babillage $300
  • Ballet $180
  • Deux heures moins dix au jardin $350
  • Deux mille vingt $250
  • Essence $250
  • Horizon $200
  • Jaillissement $250
  • L’envolée $350
  • L’envolée II $350
  • Maestoso $200
  • Mezza Voce $350
  • Par-delà les montagnes $300
  • Rêver la mer $200
  • Sans titre $230
  • Sans titre $200
  • Sans titre $200
  • Semplice $200
  • Tourbillons $100