Lucie Palombi is a young architect, artist and doctoral student. While her academic research focuses on text and writing in architecture, she is also passionate about drawing. At Atelier Circulaire, she explores the horizon of possibilities offered by lithography on stone and metal. Her prints are mainly inspired by atmospheres, architectural and landscape elements, as well as "objects with a poetic reaction", according to Le Corbusier's famous formula - irregular lines, raw textures and materials, found fragments.

In the fall of 2019, Lucie was associate curator of an exhibition on architectural drawing entitled "À dess(e)in" alongside Guillaume Ramillien and Aline Portalier at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Versailles, and edited the publication of the same name. In 2020, she won the "Exposez-vous" competition organized by Montreal's Espace Mile-End, resulting in a four-month exhibition on site. This solo exhibition, entitled "Room with a View", recounted through a series of pastels and lithographs the impressions of her journey from Montreal to Vancouver by the Trans-Canada Highway.

Instragram : @luciepalombi


  • L’escale $60
  • La machine à émouvoir $60
  • Mythologies $60
  • Le pavillon d’or $60
  • Du sol au ciel $60
  • Chimères $60
  • Ex-voto $85
  • Ex-voto (Variation X) $85
  • Le récif $85
  • Du coin de l’oeil $85