November 28 - December 14, 2019

Thursday, November 28, from 5 pm

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Atelier Circulaire is pleased to announce the next edition of Prêt-à-emporter, an open and festive fundraising activity. The opening night will be held on Thursday, November 28, 2019, from 5 pm.

This must-see event for the printed-arts world is an opportunity to acquire works while supporting the Atelier Circulaire in its action for artists.

The principle of Prêt-à-emporter is simple: you come as you are and take directly the work you have just bought! The event works on first-come first-served basis.

Whether you're an art lover or a great collector, you will always find that special piece in an extraordinary selection of works made in various printed art technique, created by artists with diverse backgrounds, some of them displaying affordable prices (minimum of $ 50).

This year, the formula is renewed by a focus on a selection of works of artists-members and prestigious guests as well as a new exhibition design.

This event is also the opportunity to launch the annual donation campaign for the 2019-2020 financial year: show us your support and donate now!

Opening night program:
- opening of the expo-sale
- Members' pop-up
- door prizes at 7.30 pm: a work from the Atelier Circulaire collection to be won !
- packaging and framing kiosk by our friends Encadrex
- bar, food and music until 9 pm

List of participating artists:

Hannah Alpha, Maude Arsenault, Sébastien Aubin, Jo-Anne Balcaen, Chloé Beaulac, Stéphanie Béliveau, Naomi Bellos, Michèle Bérard, Caroline Ariane Bergeron, Marie-France Bertrand, Catherine Bodmer, Bosny, Louis-Pierre Bougie, Ann Karine Bourdeau Leduc, Sylvain Bouthillette, Solange J. Brodeur, Zahra Buali, Jason Cantoro, Wah Wing Chan, Josée Charbonneau, Xavier Charbonneau Gravel, Marianne Chevalier, Jonathan Chomko, Jean Michel Cropsal, René Derouin, Isabelle Desjardins, René Donais, Pierre Durette, Élisabeth Eudes-Pascal, Catherine Farish, Charlotte Fauteux, Francesca Fiaschi, Alexandre Fortin, Marc Garneau, Renée Gélinas, Roberto Godoy, Trevor Gould, Christian Gravel, Talleen Hacikyan, Dil Hilderbrand, Astrid Ho, Marcel Huguet, Reid Jenkins, Diane Jutras, Judith Klugerman, Andrée Lebel, Madeleine Leduc, Françoise Legris, Noémie Lesquins, Marie-Anne Letarte, Jean Mailloux, Paule Mainguy, Denis Malo, Myriam Maltais, Ann McCall, Francine Metthé, Luce Meunier, Guido Molinari, François Morelli, Maurice Murphy, Xavier Orssaud, Michèle Ouellet, Gloria Palacio, Emma Pallay, Rolande Pelletier, Jonathan Plante, Jean-Benoît Pouliot, Laurence Prévost, Michael Reinhart, Nathalie Reis, Hélène Routhier, Amery Sandford, Sayeh Sarfaraz, Yamina Sekhri, Tobie Steinhouse, Daniel Sylvestre, Bahar Taheri, Zdravka Tchakaloff, Jacinthe Tétrault, Serge Tousignant, Susie Veroff, François Vincent



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