Atelier Circulaire needs your friendship and support

Atelier Circulaire has played a crucial part in the Quebec visual arts landscape since 1982.  Its unique communal mode of operation, friendly atmosphere and know-how of printmaking techniques not only attract the young talents and established artists but also a large audience.  Day after day, Atelier Circulaire aims to connect between its community of artists with the curious who wish to dive into the fascinating world of printmaking arts.

In recent years, tremendous efforts have been made to fulfill Atelier Circulaire's mission of training, promoting and disseminating contemporary prints.  Calls for exhibitions, residency programs for the young artists and art courses has strengthened growing interest and enthusiasm for printmaking.  Its membership services, which are particularly affordable, invite people of different ages and cultural backgrounds into the extraordinary production space and community atmosphere.  We wish to protect this hidden treasure on Gaspé Street, where artists can work day and night together to unravel the mysteries of different print media.

The preservation of Atelier Circulaire, a true shelter for artistic creation in Quebec, is largely made possible by donations from our members, their families, friends, our patrons and donors.  Any amount you may offer will be received with great appreciation and acknowledged in our newsletters.  Your name will be published on our website, unless otherwise specified.

Since Atelier Circulaire has charitable status, we can issue a tax receipt for all donations over $25.


Atelier Circulaire is in large part made possible by the generous gift of our members and donors. During these challenging times, we realize how important it is to keep our space available to the artists to preserve our strong sense of community.

Artists, philanthropists, art lovers, wide public, your donation matters, as attested by our two spokespersons.

''Atelier Circulaire is an essential in the Quebec visual arts landscape. Dedicated to printed art since 1982, rapidly becoming an institution, Atelier Circulaire needs help to keep going.

I was first attracted by its communal mode of operation; a place for work and exchanges on a human scale. A space where art is possible. Where the motion linking conception to deed may take place.

We owe it greatly. I owe it greatly. Since 1999 on De Castelnau. And every year since, I have kept on working there. An anchoring point for printed art, Circulaire is a beacon for artists.

Upheld and sustained by the continued faith of its denizens, we ask for your help to keep Atelier Circulaire up and running.''

— Marc Séguin

“This hidden treasure on De Gaspé Street, so alive with talent and expertise, makes you want to seek shelter there for days on end to uncover the mysteries of the multiples techniques available.


When I was made aware of the temporarily precarious situation Atelier Circulaire was in, due to major property tax hikes, and of the necessity for this extraordinary creative haven to become better known, I added my voice without hesitation to those of its artists, in order to quickly procure the needed funds.”

— Pascale Bussières