Graduate of the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, France in 1972 and the Institute of Applied Arts in Montreal, in 1967, Rolande Pelletier has taught visual arts for more than 30 years in Cegeps while continuing to paint , draw, engrave and exhibit whenever possible. She left teaching in 2005. Since then she devotes herself full time to the practice of art. An active member of the Atelier Circulaire since 2006, she has intensified her research with engraved wood and other printmaking techniques.

In her work she is particularly interested in the elements of visual language and the innumerable possibilities they offer. She questions the processes of elaboration of works, in particular the repetition, whether of gesture or forms in the same work or from one work to another, as it nourishes her work.

  • Arbre et composition no.1 $275
  • Arbre et composition no.2 $275
  • Changement $250
  • Composition avec volume $450
  • Départ no 2 $175
  • Deux carrés avec arbre $450
  • Deux carrés sur une estampe $450
  • Deux couleurs sur une estampe $350
  • Étude avec ronds de bois $450
  • Je tourne en rond $450
  • La couleur des sons $400
  • Orange sur bleu $395
  • Page blanche $300
  • Retour de la stèle $450
  • Sans titre (série des ronds) $395