The Opening Act: A Survey of Jan Xylander Exhibition Posters


From 2018, February 22 to March 24

Atelier Circulaire presents Natasha Pestich’s exhibition The Opening Act: A Survey of Jan Xylander Exhibition Posters.  The installation includes a series of 40 posters, a wall vinyl curatorial didactic, newspaper art reviews and personal artifacts which depict artist Jan Xylander's career.

Natasha Pestich uses, not the work, but Jan Xylander's promotional material (design and display of hand-printed and digital exhibition posters advertising his shows) to track the artist’s career.

Her intent is to question public perception about an artist’s identity and the legacy of their work, through an original scenography.  In this project, I recognize the concept of making inherent in the identity formation or legacy of artists and their work in general, while taking advantage of the unique opportunity myth provides to address big existential questions in a captivating manner.

As a local Minneapolis community artist and educator, Natasha Pestich works primarily in site-specific installation as well as on paper. Her work has been showcased in alternative spaces and museums in the United States, Canada, Portugal, Rome and Scotland. She is the recipient of a number of awards including a McKnight Arts fellowship in theVisual Arts, an Institute for Creative Community Leadership fellowship, a State Arts Board grant and a Metropolitan Regional Arts Council grant.

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