Ann McCall demonstrates by her mixed techniques on paper and her collagraphs, that she is especially concerned about landscape and natural phenomena. She finds her inspiration in nature; the images she perceives and her artistic conception combine from her environmental observations: threatening sky, haunting light, etc.

She uses atmospheric conditions to visually express different conflicting emotions: peace and serenity on one side and turbulence on the other. Opposite moods can be expressed in the same work when she places both sunny and stormy corners on the same picture.

She considers color and image as important stimulating factors for the observer. Light is a focal point in her work: natural light sometimes contains an element of mystery generated by the whims of the forces of nature.

  • Arbores V $400
  • Arbre hivernale II $450
  • Arbres hivernaux $450
  • Arbres hivernaux IV $450
  • Conte d’hiver $600
  • Contradiction $800
  • Diptyque découpé $500
  • Dualité hivernale $400
  • Froid vert $295
  • Raton laveur $450
  • Tombée de la nuit $400