Xavier Charbonneau Gravel / René Donais / Jacinthe Tétrault

Thursday, April 02
5 - 7 pm
Gallery, #105

Facebook event

Atelier Circulaire is pleased to announce the next Apéro Portfolio, Thursday April 2, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. In the form of a convivial happy hour, the event will present the work of three artists members of Atelier Circulaire, who explore the concept of humanity in very different ways.

Enthralled with the bizarre, René Donais accumulates the skinned, the exquisite corpses, the anamorphosis, the women with beards and the cyclops in skirts. Recently, he draws his inspiration from strong images of current events, assembling them with an offbeat humor in order to highlight the major issues we face. René Donais will present in particular his latest research around the figure of Greta Thunberg.

Xavier Charbonneau Gravel’s work explores the human in a both reflexive and universal way, continuing and renewing the iconography of the portrait. In a mezzotint series of work, he explores the anatomy of faces, alters them, plays with their plasticity and transforms them into a gallery of disturbing masks. Between imitation, camouflage and representation, his works play the role of a distorting mirror of our human condition.


Jacinthe Tétrault questions the Man / Nature relationship, revealing places where the attributes of landscape and people coexist. The artist will present in particular the series "Mnemonic Landscape", a dreamlike visual story, white on black, composed of architectural landscapes evoking the transformation of the territory by Man.

After the presentations, the portfolios of the artists who are members of Atelier Circulaire will be available for consultation.

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