Mr. Malo, friend of Atelier Circulaire, Alex Pouliot and Annie Gérin, Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts, UQAM, 2020

Alex Pouliot is the recipient of the François-Xavier-Marange 2020 Grant, following which he begins a 12-month residency at Atelier Circulaire. During his residency, he wishes to explore the affective presence and narrativity of images and words through different states of matter.

“My practice investigates the affective charge and the mechanisms of production of images and memories. The photographs and texts in my personal archive are transformed through different sculptural, installation, performative and textual strategies. My research, based on my sensitive experience of the world, is driven by tensions between presence/absence – light/darkness – conservation/destruction – memory/forgetfulness – life/death. Focusing on techniques of reuse, dissimulation, fragility and erasure, my approach seeks to cultivate an ecological conception of the image, conscious of its visual footprint. »

Public présentation, click here.


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