Alex Pouliot - J’ai rêvé (d’une archive)

Friday, November 5, 2021, at 5 pm
Space 517

November 6 - 14, 2021
On appointment only : with the artist or at [email protected]

Atelier Circulaire is pleased to announce the presentation of Alex Pouliot's project J'ai rêvé (d'une archive), on Friday, November 5, at 5pm, at Space 517.

Recipient of the 2020 François-Xavier Marange grant, Alex Pouliot presents the result of a year of textual and material research during his residency at Atelier Circulaire. He will talk about the genesis of two interdependent bodies of work that dialogue around the archiving and materialization of his dreams. Through sculpture, printing and installation, this research-exhibition explores the parallels between the double nature of printmaking (positive/negative) and what separates reality from dreams.

Alex Pouliot's practice explores the representation and preservation of the sensible through the use of images and texts from his personal archive. By inducing changes in the state of matter through various print, sculptural, installation, performative and textual strategies, he seeks to activate sensory, affective and reflexive spaces and create correspondences between things; between himself and others.

His work has been shown in exhibitions and festivals, notably at the Darling Foundry, La Place des Arts and the Galerie de l'UQAM. He is the author of the poetry collection Doucement les corps (2019) published by Éditions du Mur. In 2020, he is the recipient of the Mc Abbie Foundation Fellowship for Excellence in Photography. More recently, he and artist Andy Maple co-founded Pièce jointe, a publishing house dedicated to the dissemination and mediation of current art research.

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