Larry Silberman, Atelier Circulaire’s director, Fanny Latreille, and Jean-Christian Pleau, Dean, Faculty of Arts, UQAM, 2019


Fanny Latreille is the recipient of the 2019 François-Xavier-Marange grant. She is beginning a 12-month residency at the Atelier Circulaire during which she will explore various printing techniques and image composition processes.

Since 2013, I have been engaged in an approach of interpretation and transposition of archives in order to look at history. My process develops in dialogue with people, objects and archives. Borrowed images, shared testimonies and cooperation as documentary elements are the primary materials of my work, which I activate at the design stage. What I am interested in are improbable dialogues, reciprocities between authors or ideas that could not have met otherwise.

Presentation : Saturday, September 18, 2021, at 5 pm

Fanny Latreille
Bannière bleue
Transfert photo avec émulsion cyanotype sur voile de coton, impression jet d’encre sur papier Phototext autocollant, support en bois autoportant incrusté dans le mur. 129,54 x 152,40 cm / 51’’ x 60’’
Référence :
Photographie par Antoine Désilet, publié dans La Presse, 31 août 1968. Fonds d’archive de La Presse, numérisé par la BANQ avec autorisation de l’ayant droit.
Crédit photo : Guy L’heureux

Crédit photo : Guy L’heureux

Crédit photo : Alain Lefort

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