Screen printing is a versatile stencil-like technique allowing to print on virtually any flat surface. Fabric is stretched onto an aluminium frame to serve as a screen and, by various processes, certain areas are blocked out in order to create an image. Using a squeegee, the ink is forced through the screen pores that are … Read More


The digital workshop specializes in non-traditional and hybrid artistic projects. The studio has been expressly designed to take advantage of the techniques and technology from a variety of seldomly integrated fields: industrial and commercial printing; traditional printmaking; digital printing and new media. The studio offers the flexibility and knowledge base necessary to innovate and effectively solve problems … Read More


In lithography, printable images are drawn on a block of limestone. The principle of this printing process relies on the mutual repulsion of water and fat.


Intaglio is a printing technique invented in the fifteenth century using engraving techniques such as drypoint, etching, aquatint, sugar-lift, soft-ground etching, Chine-collé.


Typography refers to the different methods of typesetting and printing that use characters and shapes in relief.