Stéphanie Nuckle, 2022

Country: Canada (QC)
Residency period: May 13 – June 12, 2022 & August 29 – September 9, 2022

Public presentation: September 9, 202, space 517

Residency project: Stéphanie will experiment with cyanotype and photogravure techniques, using photographs taken while gathering plants, leaves and bark in Montreal’s wastelands and woodlands.

Bio: Interdisciplinary, I combine print art, drawing, photography, installation and action art. Originally from Laval, my reflections are linked to the development of dormitory towns and large cities, raising ecological, urbanistic and social concerns. My projects focus on different types of interaction with the territory. In particular, I look at how current societies occupy, shape and exploit land and resources. Between the city and the suburbs, I try to activate public space and non-places through discreet and sustained interventions, for the duration of a walk, a journey or even an occupation.
As far as printed images are concerned, I create visual compositions inspired by my experiences in the field. The aim is to capture the multiplicity of events, habits and mutations of places that are revealed during my expeditions.
I live and work in Montreal. I graduated from UQAM in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in visual and media arts practice profile. My practice in performance and print arts has been the subject of numerous artist collaborations and residencies such as Verticale center d’artistes (2017), Imago (2017), l’Imprimerie (2018), Dare-Dare (2019-2020) and Atelier Circulaire (2022).

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