La Théorie du Monde Souterrain


From April 5 to May 12

Atelier Circulaire presents La théorie du Monde Souterrain, an exhibition born of the collaboration between Marie-Andrée Pellerin and Clemens Mairhofer. Inspired by the manifesto "La Teoría Volcánica", written in 2011 by the sociologist John Holloway, the project attempts to establish a link between the underground activity of volcanoes and the volcanic nature of society. It integrates differents mediums: video installation, sound art, filmed interviews presented on monitors, and intaglio.

Initiated in 2016, during a research stay on the Mexican transversal volcanic belt, on the outskirts of Mexico City, the project is built around inputs by various specialists (volcanologists, sociologists) in Mexico, combined with volcanic and seismic sounds as evidence of these underground forces. This proposal is developed in the context of Mexico, but aims to establish connections with sociopolitical events occurring in different locations on the planet. Intaglio is used to produce ancient-looking documents attesting to The Theory of the Underworld.

Marie-Andrée Pellerin and Clemens Mairhofer have been collaborating since 2015 on this project, a first phase of which took place in Mexico City, in January 2016. Their research results take on a hybrid form of their two artistic practices: sound art for one, installation, video and drawing, for the other. This work has received funding from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec (Development and Travel Grant), as well as the Bilateraler Künstleraustausch from Upper Austria.

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