Autour du bestiaire


April 30 to to May 23rd 2015


[...] in Bougie’s work, engraving becomes a process that allows you to open and seal a space, where desire and imagination settle in a brand new way through corporeal matter and where the light (in successive highlights and illuminations) brings up appearance in a new way and gives us a part of ourselves.  

— Michaël Chance (free trans.)



The centerpiece of this exhibition, a frieze of 726 x 74 cm entitled "Le Bestiaire" ("The Bestiary", f.t.) was produced by daily improvised interventions of mixed media such as drawing, acrylic painting and engraving passages. It depicts numerous beasts and humans (and humans sometimes closer to beasts) all doomed to a predicable demise. Several monotypes and a second frieze complete this series.

The exhibition also features the artist's book "Ainsi fait" ("Thus done", f.t.) designed in 2014 including twelve original prints by Bougie and a text by François-Xavier Marange. The engravings and the text propose a dialogue between the two artists and long-time friends who shared the same studio for over 30 years. The book gives poetic insight on these years of artistic and friendly proximity and exchanges.

Born in Trois-Rivieres (Quebec) in 1946, Louis-Pierre Bougie has become one of the main leaders in engraving. Throughout his career, he specialized in intaglio and etching in Paris at Atelier Lacourière-Frélaut where he worked for over fifteen years and during his manystudies trips in France, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Finland and the US. The depth and consistency of his work have allowed it to be exhibited in Canadian, American and European galleries and to be included in the greatest public and private collections.