Originally from St-Hyacinthe, Jacinthe Tétrault has lived and worked in Montreal since 1985. Born in an agricultural setting, nature has strongly shaped her sensory memory and, for more than 20 years, has influenced the choice of subjects in her practice. Printed art: collagraph, monotype, digital as well as photography and mixed media, are the processes used to achieve her work. Several of her projects were supported by scholarships. A work from Jacinthe's "RR" suite won the 1999 Loto-Québec printmaking award and the " Bouleau jaune, bois d’oeuvre " miniature sculpture won a mention at the BIAM 2014. Her works are presented in group exhibitions in America and Europe and are part of public and private collections.


  • Buste cambium, tissus cicatricielle $350
  • La rencontre des éléments $400
  • P.F. Abri bleu $120
  • P.F. Canot sur bleu $150
  • P.F. Canot sur vert $150
  • P.F. Les îles $400
  • Page blanche signes vitaux 1 $400
  • Page blanche signes vitaux 2 $400
  • Page blanche signes vitaux 4 $400
  • Série 28051989 no 1 La rencontre des éléments $220
  • Série les intérieurs 2 /_\ l $300
  • Série les intérieurs Var. 1 $300