Yamina Sekhri


Atelier Circulaire is proud to present the winner of our 2nd edition of the Emerging Artist in Printmaking Grant: Yamina Sekhri.

Her work explores questions about identity, privacy and data confidentiality.

 I aim to untangle my memories, my secrets and my identity from the algorithms and signals of the digital era they are intertwined in. What are the patterns and symbols hidden in the daily virtual reality and how may I transfer my observations into the real world? I enjoy working step by step. I separate the image into multiple layers and I assemble them to create a coherent single final result.  Manual printing techniques are polyvalent and open the door to all sorts of possibilities of creation. Silkscreen printing is of special value to my research, for I can print on a multitude of unusual surfaces. This freedom allows me to share my thoughts with humor and honesty.

At Atelier Circulaire, Yamina will continue her project “Private Matters” with screen-printing and lithography productions.

Presentation: Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020, at 6:30 pm

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