"Prime Forms"


From September 1st to October 1st, 2016


Prime Forms borrows from a mathematical expression defining an image resulting from a geometrical transformation, transformation such as a movement or any change in the initial image that produces a prime figure. Also an image transformation process, printmaking is the symmetrical transfer of an image produced by the artist on a matrix that will allow us to see its mirror image. However, it is actually more the work of the artist that is the true manifestation of transformation. Not limited to the surface of the image, the works presented are a reflection on the creative process.



Rolande Pelletier graduated from the ENSAD of Paris (1972) and the Institute of Applied Art of Montreal (1967). She participated in many exhibitions in Quebec and in France and her works are part of many private and public collections in Canada and France. She is an active member of Atelier Circulaire since 2006 where she has intensified her research on woodcut and other printmaking techniques.

Mathieu Matthew Conway completed his academic training at Concordia University in the Major in painting and drawing (2007). A multidisciplinary artist, he also participated in curatorial projects. He has exhibited in several group exhibitions and has participated in various collective of artists.