Emerging Artists of Printmaking II

From January 12th to February 11th, 2017

Exhibited artists :
Audrey Potrat, Ann Karine Bourdeau Leduc, Cassandre Boucher, Frédérique Ulman-Gagné, Geoffrey Grimal, Julien Castanié, Liz Xu, Natalie Reis, Shogo Okada et Xavier Orssaud.


Through the emerging artist program created with Forum jeunesse de l’ile de Montreal and a program of international collaboration with universities, artists from different backgrounds came to work in Montreal and at Atelier Circulaire for three, six and twelve-months residencies. This exhibition presents the work of 10 of these emerging artists, giving a fascinating panorama of the diversity of contemporary practices in the printed arts.

The "Emerging Artists of Printmaking" program was set up with the support of Forum jeunesse de l’ile de Montreal and aims to support and enable the development of emerging artists, giving them the opportunity to get training, experiment, create and show their work.