Judith Klugerman is a Canadian artist, born in Hungary, living and working in Montreal. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, a Diploma in Art Education and a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Concordia University, Montreal. She is a printmaker, mixed media artist, painter and art educator. She has organized a number of exhibits  for the Canadian-Hungarian Artists' Collective that have been shown in Canada and Hungary.

Klugerman has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada, Europe, China, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Hong Kong and the United States. A review of her solo exhibit appeared in the art publication "esse, arts & opinions", autumn 2012. Judith Klugerman's works are in major public and private collections. She is represented by Atelier Circulaire in Montreal and by Open Studio in Toronto.

  • Gates III $450
  • Gates IV $450
  • Gates IX $400
  • Gates X $275
  • Japanese Fans III $450
  • Japanese Fans V $450
  • Japanese Fans VI $450
  • Japanese Fans XV $450
  • Japanese Fans XVII $300
  • Japanese Fans XVIII $650
  • Japanese Fans XXI $650
  • Japanese Fans XXII $650
  • Japanese Fans XXIII $300
  • Japanese Fans XXIX $300
  • Japanese Fans XXV $600