Florence-Ariel, 2020


Florence-Ariel Tremblay is the recipient of the 4th Grant for Emerging Artists in Printmaking. Her work explores the expression of paranoia, the formation of judgment, the virtues of otherness and the interruption of the familiar. Her artistic practice seeks to break free from bidimensionality in order to present interdisciplinary installations presenting volume, superimpositions and materiality. During her residency at Atelier Circulaire, Florence will develop a project using large format relief engraving.

This residency will be an opportunity for me to explore and experiment with the techniques and effects of relief printing. I like to take advantage of creative opportunities to take on new challenges in order to grow my practice and invest the subject in all its dimensions. I will take my explorations of the feeling of inadequacy as a starting point to examine its nuances and develop a body of images referring to the process of resolution in the face of otherness.

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