Members' Salon 2017

June 1st to July 8th, 2017

Exhibited artists :
Alexandre Fortin, Alice Zwarts, Aline Baron, Ann McCall, Annette Wolfstein-Joseph, Aygerim Syzdykova, Béatrice Sokoloff, Bernice Sorge, Carolyn New, Charlotte Fauteux, Christine Royer, Denis Malo, Denise Faucher, Diane Jutras, Diane Lafontaine, Dominique Valade, Francine Potvin, Françoise Legris, Gloria Palacio, Hannah Alpha, Josée Charbonneau, Judith Klugerman, Lillianne Daigle, Liz Xu, Lucie Jolicoeur Côté, Manon Pelletier, Marcel Huguet, Marie-France Bertrand, Mary Milne, Maurice Murphy, Maxime Bouchard, Monique Duplantie, Naomi Bellos, Nicole Milette, Niki Drouin, Noémie Lesquins, Paule Mainguy, René Donais, Renée Gélinas, Roberto Godoy, Rolande Pelletier, Sergey Tyukanov, Solange J. Brodeur, Stella Pace, Susie Veroff, Talleen Hacikyan, Tatiana Zaitseva, Xavier Charbonneau & Zahra Buali.


Every year, Atelier Circulaire features recent work by its artists at the exhibition The Members’ Salon. Composed of around forty artists, it showcases the creative influences, diverse approaches and innovative techniques that Atelier Circulaire and its members have brought to the art of printmaking in Quebec. This exhibition presents a wide variety of printmaking techniques from the most ancient (etching, lithography, monotype, etc.) to the most contemporary (screen-printing, digital printmaking, etc.). This new edition incorporates some novelties and new formats such as printed sculptures and artist’s books that will give a refreshing dynamism to this year’s Members’ Salon.