Update 01/08/2021: Following the new government measures, Atelier Circulaire is closed to the public until February 8, 2021. Access to its production workshop is reserved exclusively to its members until this date.

The digital lab and the store resume operations on January 13. However, in order to respect the sanitary protocol, all physical access is forbidden during this period. Both will be able to receive orders by email and telephone. Payment must be made by credit card over the phone before picking up your order. You can pick up your items or prints outside the workshop, at the door of space 517, from Wednesday to Friday, by appointment ONLY. Please contact Cristel Silva for the store [[email protected]] or Aziza Nassih for the digital lab [[email protected]].

Courses for the winter session are cancelled. Registrants will be refunded the amount of the course fee. Some of the courses will be rescheduled for the summer and fall sessions and priority will then be given to winter session participants. For more information, please contact Sonnie Park [[email protected]].

The weekly activity of Fridays at the Studio is suspended for the moment. For any questions, please send an email to our coordinators or make an appointment after the lifting of the lockdown.

New members will be admitted after February 8, if health measures allow it. If you are interested in preparing your application before the reopening, please read this page before sending your request.

The gallery is currently closed. However, the online sale of works is still allowed. Feel free to consult the online portfolios of our members or to rediscover the Multiples Editions. The pick-up of your purchases will be done at the door of the gallery. For more information, contact Gauthier Melin [[email protected]].