Zdravka holds degrees in visual arts and fashion design. Her early work experience was in Paris,  alongside renowned artists and singers, and cinema wardrobe. She continues her art education as a pupil of famed painter Daniel Sciora, studying techniques of Renaissance masters. Fusing passion with experience, Zdravka registers a patent for a shoe manufacturing process, inspired by the methods of the clothing industry.

Zdravka moved to Montreal in search of new horizons, quickly integrating the artistic community. She will immerse herself in cinema wardrobe, as well as circus wardrobe design. Zdravka establishes herself as a reference in the field, with her artistic creativity highlighting a distinctly original approach.

In 2018, Zdravka completed a Masters in Communications, exploring the creative process of cutting edge immersive and interactive works. Currently working on different artistic projects, Zdravka uses screen printing to reveal and explore a world of intimacy. Between uncertainty, change, and the revelation of light through color, each print is the unique variant of a common pattern.

  • Passages – Variante 1 $350
  • Passages – Variante 2 $350
  • Passages – Variante 3 $350
  • Passages – Variante 4 $350
  • Passages – Variante 5 $350
  • Passages – Variante 6 $350
  • Passages – Variante 7 et 8 $400
  • Passages – Variante 10 $350