Cicatrix imprimé


From November 9 to December 15, 2018

Atelier Circulaire is proud to present Cicatrix Imprimé for its 35th anniversary, an exclusively printed art version of a travelling exhibition commemorating the centenary of the end of the First World War.

For its North American premiere, the exhibition brings together the works of six female artists from four Commonwealth countries. Cicatrix explores the links between History and Landscape through the singular past of Salisbury Plain (UK), where Neolithic ruins coexist with trenches of the military training camps of the First World War. The exhibition focuses on the concept of the “scar” as a physical mark left behind in a landscape and as a memory of past conflicts. Through a variety of artistic approaches and techniques, Cicatrix offers an alternative vision of the legacy of The Great War.

Cicatrix is a visual art project which began in 2014 from the initiative of three British artists living in Wiltshire, England: Henny Burnett, Susan Francis and Prudence Maltby. The project subsequently took on an international dimension with the invitation to three artists from Commonwealth countries: Sophie Cape (Australia), Caro Williams (New Zealand) and Catherine Farish (Canada). As part of exchanges and residences, each of them experienced these unique chalky landscapes where the remains of different eras crystallize.

In response to the invitation of Atelier Circulaire and curated by British artist Prudence Maltby and Catherine Farish, founding member of the organization, Cicatrix Imprimé offers a new variation of this artistic project travelling around the world and a unique opportunity to fulfil our duty of remembrance.

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