Cassandre Boucher is interested in the evocative power of traces of the past. She accumulates objects and images from everyday archives that she diverts the meaning through digital, printed art, and painting. She seeks to appreciate a more careful and tidy relationship to time with the things that surround us. Through colorful and nostalgic representations, she highlights different manual skills and questions the relationship of control and domination that human beings maintain over their environment.

The works of Cassandre Boucher have been presented in individual and group exhibitions in Quebec, Ontario and Switzerland. She has received two support from CALQ (2015 and 2018) and from the Canada Council for the Arts (2020) for a three-month residency at the Fabric Workshop and Museum, in Philadelphia. She is currently pursuing research-creation work linking textile construction and printmaking, for which she is carrying out, in the course of 2021, a residency at the Icelandic Textile Center, in Iceland.

Cassandre's website:

  • Chevreuil suspendu I $375
  • Best Friend Forever $400
  • Child and Tree $300
  • À la bouteille $280
  • Trophée $375
  • Grimper aux arbres $280
  • Over $450
  • Happy (des rires que personne n’entend) $450
  • Sans titre (mouton) $400
  • Sans titre (vélo) $450