Using abstract art forms such as non-figurative visual art and, previously, dance, Naomi Bellos tells a story on many levels. A lifelong story that represents an endless quest to express the relationships between the human body, the natural world and the landscapes we inhabit.

For fifteen years, she has used printmaking (etching, collagraphy, lithography) as a central element in her artistic production. Despite technical obstacles, the art of printing continues to fascinate her with its endless possibilities and frequent accidents that have led to magical results. She works each printing plate in order to produce a worthy image of itself, then use it as material for an installation. The image is not an end in itself.

  • Entre la vie et la mort $300
  • Majestic Karma $300
  • La Forêt du Karma (vert) $250
  • Absolutely perfect 4 $350
  • Absolutly perfect 2 $350