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"Thanks to your donations, we can continue to support the abundance of the printed arts, enabling an ever-changing artistic community to explore the infinite possibilities of the transition from matrix to image, all techniques considered."

Julie Bruneau et Célia Destemberg,
co-directors of l’Atelier Circulaire

Atelier Circulaire, 40 years of printmaking: 

Our vocation is to support the vitality and excellence of the printmaking by offering both a dissemination space and a production workshop where research, creation, training, and conservation are valued.

We are the only artist-run center in Canada with the expertise and equipment required for the full range of traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques.



Atelier Circulaire is:

- A diverse, intergenerational community of nearly 160 members
- A team of 12 employees, including 5 dedicated studio coordinators
- An artistic program of exhibitions and activities that attracts nearly 5,000 visitors a year
- A residency and exchange program with several established partners
- A production space that enables creation in all print art formats and techniques
- An impressive collection of nearly 3,500 studio prints

Support Atelier Circulaire!

By making a donation, you are demonstrating your support for Atelier Circulaire's unique mission. Throughout its 40 years of existence, our organization has carved out an essential place for itself in the field of print and visual arts, in Quebec, Canada and internationally.
Your financial support will help to give us the capacity we need to continue projecting ourselves into the future.

By contributing to our annual fundraising campaign, you join our community.

Atelier Circulaire is a charitable organization and will issue a tax receipt for any donation over $25.



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